3 Wellness Practices For Staying Centered

Feeling Left of Center

These days have me feeling a bit left of center so to speak.  New routines, changed schedules, new household responsibilities and isolation have me wondering “what is well?” as we navigate this “new for now normal”, what will normal look like after the “for now”? I am not certain of much, but I am certain that I will continue to practice wellness.

The dictionary defines wellness as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. I didn’t start this quarantine in the mood for a giant deliberate effort so I set out to find some small practices that would help me get there. 

Ami Wellness Founder Triniti reads with her dog

 Between Google, Facebook and Instagram, my community got me on track.  I broke the suggestions down into the practice as it was recommended, my reality of practicing the practice, and then finally a pro-tip from a book that gave me inspiration along the way.


Live in the “what is” instead of the “what if”. Wellness comes from within, and it is found in the present.

Real life

For a serial planner like myself this felt impossible, but I learned that planning was tied to a need for perfection (future blog).  When I have been able to let go, and practice living and loving the now, life felt easier, more joyful.  One way I have done this is to try to acknowledge my feelings of frustration or need to control, to feel them come and then feel them pass.  The feeling is just a feeling, it doesn’t need to be my reality. I can let go.


Feelings are like waves, they come, peak and pass.  Feel them, acknowledge them, try to understand them and then let them go. - Dr, Joan Rosenberg, 90 Seconds to a Life You Love


: Abandon the ideology of Super-Human, Super-Mom, Super-Woman

Real Life

It is a myth imposed on woman.  To find wellness for myself I needed to walk away from my stop-at-nothing need to perform at 110% every minute of every day.    I am working to transfer value away from “crushing the goal” but it’s hard, so much if my identity and self value are tied up my ability to operate above and beyond at all times, at any self-cost. Baby steps, sometimes my inbox is full when I close my computer and sometimes I am just a mediocre (but happy), parent.


“This is the balance we want to strike, if we aim for the trophy, we will miss the target: the more at peace we are, the more productive we can be.” - Ryan Holiday, Stillness Is The Key


Wellness is connecting to this world so your spirit can be well.

Real Life

I can connect to the world through nature.   I absolutely love being outside. I find joy in watching Tank run, in the warmth of the sun on my face.  The calming symphony of nature; the snow crunch, the trees moving in the wind, the sound of my own breath.  Nature is magic -- it connects me to the living earth, and it is super healing to my soul.


(Not a book) Stand outside barefoot, close your eyes, breath deep breaths, listen with your whole body, lose yourself for a few minutes.  You can restore and recharge your energy by connecting to the energy of the earth.   

Shifting and Adapting 

I know the deliberate efforts will need to continue, and that my needs will shift as our world shifts, but these were good starts for me, let me know if you give any of them a try, or if you have your own practices you’d like to share!


I resonate with all three and very much like your format- great presentation of those tools for body, mind, spirit wellness. I’m new to your products and am looking forward to implementing them in my self-care regimen.

Blaire November 27, 2020

I take my shoes off in the grass outside in my yard, gardening is keeping me busy and I do yoga, and meditate. read books and study herbs with Herbal Studies on line. this keeps me busy. meditation is also very helpful.
Hang out with our family and dogs on weekends.

Sonya Guadalupe November 27, 2020

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