The Nature of Center

Where's my Center?

What do you think of when I say “Center”?   I always picture my belly button… eyes closed, I am sitting there thinking to myself… lint free, found it! 

Being centered takes effort in regular life and with today’s “new for now normal” I am having trouble getting a footing. I am running out of tips and tricks to follow to manage the amount of stress I am feeling.  Whisper e-learning, new deadline, or the grocery store and I break out into hives.

 Triniti runs with her dog in nature

I have been doing:

  • breathing
  • movement
  • meditating
  • connecting with nature
  • finding pockets of joy
  • practicing gratitude (next blog)

Those are all working, and some days I need a bit more help, somedays I need more than my body can provide for itself. 

Stress and anxiety are new to me

I have a high tolerance for pressure and stress, so our Calm products were not part of my regular routine, until now. 

Ami Wellness all natural calm wellness products

I knew that Calm has powerful plants, I helped formulate it and when I did that I purposefully chose Adaptogens for our products.  Adaptogens are uniquely suited to help our bodies manage stress.  

So what’s unique about Adaptogens?

A LOT! They are the only classification of plants proven (through scientific study) to be bi-directional, which means they act as both a stimulant and a calmative.  Unlike other plants (and many pills) that can only bring you to center one way; either up or down, Adaptogens offer your body what it needs to return to center.

 examples of adaptogens: holy basil, lemon balm, blue skullcap

Feeling lethargic? Adaptogens help your body create energy. Stuck in overdrive? They alleviate emotional stress to return you to center.   Feeling stressed? They calm you and create clarity.  Feeling overwhelmed? Adaptogens help your mind focus.  They meet your body where it is and work with your body to ultimately restore balance.

It’s pretty incredible that nature identifies and returns us to this center point.  I needed something more than the lifestyle choices I was making.  I am so grateful for an all-natural solution provided by mother nature and proven by science.  Wellness is truly a wonder! 

What are your tips for keeping calm?



Kellee Beck November 27, 2020

These plants and herbs have wonderful healing properties! It is only through the beauty of God that we have these healing plants and herbs. He created everything. Sadly he gets no credit here for the beautiful products that you do have. Our great Creator our father and our Lord Jesus I pray are glorified through your products. May you all be blessed in Jesus name

Felicia Shulenburg November 27, 2020

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