Wellness for women, by women

Women are underserved in wellness.

It’s the reason why I started Ami.

diverse women together

Research shows that women are underserved in health care and wellness. Yet we’re dramatically more likely to experience insomnia, anxiety, stress, fatigue, depression, inflammation, joint pain, menopause symptoms.  All ailments proven to greatly benefit from natural remedies!  And yet we aren’t being offered these remedies nearly enough.

The statistics are staggering:

  • 1 in 4 women are struggling to be well.*
  • Women are almost twice as likely as men to experience depression.*
  • Women represent nearly 2/3 of the estimated 40 million adults with anxiety disorders.*
  • Women are 4 times more likely to have their symptoms dismissed by a doctor.*

The Problems with the Doctor

Have you ever gone to the doctor only to be told that your physical symptoms are psychosomatic (a big word for “it’s all in your head”)?  Or handed a pill the minute your start talking about stress or inability to sleep, with little to no discussion about other options?  How about handed a synthetic hormone without a blood test or an explanation of its effect on your body? 


My doctor changed my birth control pills; he didn’t explain that he was switching from a progesterone pill to an estrogen led pill.  He didn’t look at hormone panel to see what I needed.  So after 9 months of trying to figure out why I could not stay awake at 2pm, or why I had terrible mood swings, painful periods, and gained 10lbs, I figured out on my own.  And when I told him, the doctor was like, oh yeah, you should have come in sooner.  Um ok, thanks Doc.  

As Women, We Are Connected to Wellness

So what’s a woman to do? We look beyond traditional medicine and turn to the most powerful woman of all––Mother Earth. When we turn to nature, we unlock a world of wellness that honors a woman’s body, mind and spirit, as well as our planet. (But that’s another blog.)

plant medicine

I remain grateful to have been born a woman. Females have a distinct vibration, a quiet connection that naturally pulls us together to serve the greater good. We’re nurturers, we are healers and we can create wellness. 

Wellness for women, by women, has become my life’s passion.

Ami serves women with proprietary blends––Pure, Daily, Dream, Calm, Soothe––that target their top needs. It allows women to personalize how and when to put our powerhouse plants to work and to own what they put in their bodies. 

Ami wellness products for energy, sleep, calm, and inflammation

We do right by women, we do it naturally, and we do it well. Ami serves women, which improves the female vibration that connects us all and, ultimately, lifts the tone of the universe. There’s no greater good than that.


*Sources: Mayo Clinic, Harvard University.

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