Wellness For Women

Our rally cry is wellness for women, and we believe there is a difference.

Our Mission Our Mission

Our Mission

Wellness Is A Being In Balance

Ami products are formulated with botanicals and herbs that work with your body to manage physical, mental, emotional and environmental stress, ultimately restoring your balance. Wellness is this center point—it’s where your body thrives, not merely survives. And it’s positively transformative.

Purposeful products—made
better together

Our Founder

Hi I'm Triniti...

I’m the child of hippies––real ones, not the occasional Woodstockers. Born in an ashram (cue the drum circle), I was raised to love people, respect the earth and honor the connectedness of all living things. We followed a plant-based lifestyle and the sage advice of herbalists, naturopaths and crystalists before traditional medicine––I understood organic before kindergarten.


By living their truth, my parents ignited in me a lifelong passion for plants. I immersed myself in Western herbalism and Chinese medicine, ever fascinated by how adaptogenic herbs heal and balance our bodies, minds and spirits. And I learned that, while activated hemp extract works on its own, it is far more powerful when blended with purposeful plants like those in our proprietary products.

Wellness is in my DNA, and it’s become the ethos of my company.

What began as a conversation between friends about the power of plants became a community that empowers women with a natural path to living their fullest lives. Our tribe is discovering better health, more balance and limitless joy through our clean solutions and growing business. Together, we embody our namesake––Ami means loved friend.

Ami Wellness is our wild and wonderful opportunity to do it right, do it different and do it together. We’re really onto something, and we’re just getting started.

Be you. Be well. Be with us.
- Triniti Gawthrop