The Ami Alliance

Our approach is rooted in centuries-old medicinal traditions, uniting the power of plants to help your body regulate and restore itself. Our handpicked products bring together high-quality ingredients to spark something far greater than any one element could achieve alone. Combined, these ingredients interact with one another, leaning on the power of togetherness to make each other stronger.

Our Mission Our Mission

Our Mission

Wellness Through Togetherness

At Ami, togetherness is at the heart of everything we do. We bring together all-natural ingredients to create products with better balance. We bring together good friends who share a passion for good health. And together, we're making community a cornerstone of wellness. Because wellness is an experience that's meant to be shared.

Purposeful products—made
better together

Our Founder

Hi I'm Triniti...

As the founder of Ami Wellness, my mission is to unite plants and people. Ami combines my passion for all-natural wellness with my commitment to empowering women–offering everyone better balance and more joy.


What began as a conversation between friends about wellness and the power of plants, evolved into a company that brings transparency, efficacy, and education to the hemp cannabinoid and wellness space. After exploring what was out there, I had a lot of questions about hemp cannabinoids: How do they work? How do you take them? How can they be "curative"?

I immersed myself in research and was led to ancient Ayrvedic and Chinese medicine. I learned that while activated hemp extract work well on their own, they are far more effective when taken with other purposeful ingredients.

We believe wellness is a shared journey, and I invite you to thrive with us.

- Triniti Gawthrop